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  • The Barbyses, or Sweet Waters of Europe (Kağıthane)
    engraved by P.Lightfoot after a picture by Thomas Allom, published in Constantinople and the Scenery of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor, about 1838. Steel engraved antique print with recent hand colour. Very slight soiling.
    90,00 USD
  • Fort Beil-Gorod (on the Bosphorus) Belgrad Kapısı, Boğaziçi
    "Fort Beil-Gorod (on the Bosphorus)" engraved by C.Cousen after a picture by W.H.Bartlett, published in The Beauties of the Bosphorus, 1838. Steel engraved print with recent hand colour. Slight age browning, otherwise good condition. Size 18 x 15 cms
    70,00 USD
  • Constantinople (İstanbul Haritası)
    "Constantinople" published by the Royal Geographical Society in Gazetteer of the World, 1886. Colour lithographic map. Good condition. Size 23.5 x 14 cms plus margins.
    150,00 USD